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Remote desktop software

What’s the best remote desktop software for business

This review lists the best free programs for remote access and control of your computer over the Internet and explores the functionality of Chrome Remote Desktop Teamviewer.

Remote desktop software: why do we need it?

What may such programs be needed for? In most cases, they are used for remote desktop access and actions for computer maintenance by system administrators and for service purposes. However, from the point of view of the average user, remote control of the computer via the Internet or local network can also be useful: for example, instead of installing a virtual machine with Windows on a Linux or Mac laptop, you can connect to an existing PC with this OS.

As a rule, programs for remote access to a computer are in demand among two types of users. The first one wants to have remote access to control his home PC while traveling. The second are those who are members of the community, team and want to have a simple system for remote use.

With remote PC software, you can use your home computer as if you were in front of it, whether you are at the mall, the beach, or anywhere else. In fact, some remote access apps are also cross-platform, so you can control your PC using just your smartphone.

The protocol sent to the working table, which is also called simply RDP, is a chain protocol, distributed by Microsoft corporation as a simple way to restore access to your or someone else’s PC on the Internet.

Top 10 the best remote desktop software

There are many applications and programs available to remotely access your PC’s desktop. Below we take a look at Top 10 the best programs:

  1. Team Viewer
  2. Remote PC
  3. LogMeIn Pro
  4. Zoho Assist
  5. Chrome Remote Desktop
  6. Connectwise Control
  7. Splashtop
  8. Remote Utilities
  9. Screen Sharing
  10. AnyDesk

TeamViewer –a universal tool for remote user support

TeamViewer is probably the most famous program for remote desktop Windows and other operating systems. This tool is easy to use, very functional, works great over the Internet, and is considered free for private use. In addition, it can work without installation on a computer, which is useful if you only need a one-time connection.

Features available for TeamViewer remote computer management session include the following:

  • Start a VPN connection to a remote computer
  • Remote printing
  • Create screenshots and save remote desktop
  • File sharing or just file transfer
  • Voice and text chat, correspondence, switching parties
  • TeamViewer also supports Wake-on-LAN, reboot, and automatic reconnection in safe mode.

An amazingly fine-tuned and simple remote desktop technology that resists strict firewall rules and the use of NAT. TeamViewer works on all popular platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac.

Secondary Data

What is Secondary Data?

In this article, we are going to argue the definition of secondary data and conduct the secondary data analysis.

What is secondary data?

The world practice of the last decades has shown that electronic information has become the most important component of the modern market infrastructure. Free access to economic and social information is considered as one of the basic conditions for the effective functioning of a market economy in transition.

Marketing information is essential for marketing research, strategy development, and making the necessary management decisions. To facilitate and unify research, marketing information is divided into primary and secondary.

Secondary data is a set of data existing at the enterprise, publications of government agencies, specialized commercial and periodicals, and books, as well as information previously collected for other purposes. In other words, it is a kind of data, that has already been collected (and sometimes partially processed and systematized) by others and for other purposes, exists in a published form, but is suitable for use to achieve the goal set by the firm in a particular situation. Secondary data help the researcher to get acquainted with the situation in the industry, with the trends of changes in sales and profits, competitors, the latest advances in science and technology.

Secondary data has certain advantages:

  • relatively inexpensive, fast to assemble;
  • sources of information may have data that the firm itself cannot obtain (government);
  • quite reliable helps to get a more comprehensive view of the issues under consideration.

Kinds of Secondary data

Virtually all managers use secondary information to make management decisions. This type of information in turn is divided into internal and external secondary information.

Internal information is data that is collected and analyzed at the enterprise and recorded in the form of accounting and statistical reports, reports on the volume of purchases and sales, operational and current production, and scientific and technical information.

External information is published information about the state of the external environment of the enterprise (about the market and its infrastructure, the behavior of buyers and suppliers, the actions of competitors, measures of state regulation of market mechanisms).

Sources of marketing information

Among the most important types of sources of secondary marketing information are:

  • internal sources of the company: periodic reports of specialized groups of employees and departments, current information reports of departments;
  • published sources: reports of government agencies, reports of trade associations, stock exchange reports, statistical reports, scientific publications, trade journals, press releases, directories, analytical reviews, general publications;
  • other sources: suppliers, customers, consumers, competitors, intermediaries, inventors and innovators, advertising agencies, the media. A special mention should be made of the non-traditional global computer information network Internet, which will undoubtedly be one of the first used sources of information in the near future;
  • information industry: firms engaged in monitoring, auditing, consulting, marketing research, other specialized agencies, such as newspaper clipping service, advertising verification service, credit service, etc.

Primary information carriers are books (textbooks, manuals, monographs), periodicals (journals, scientific collections), optical CDs (CD-ROM), as well as unpublished materials: deposited manuscripts, dissertations, scientific reports, conference materials, reports on various areas of research, etc.


TOP 5 best free web hosting 2021

Today there are various hosting options, including free, paid (shared), or virtual hosting. We will try to help you decide on the choice and offer the best hosting options like Profreehost for your site.

Why do you need hosting?

Web hosting is a service of hosting a site on a server so that users can see it on the Internet. Hosting providers store site files on powerful computers called web servers. When users type in a site address, the World Wide Web connects them to a hosting server with all the files on your site and sends the information to their computers so that they can view the site’s pages. So, web hosting is more than just storing site files. It is also important to ensure a fast and uninterrupted Internet connection. Security, speed, stable operation, reliability – the characteristics without which it is impossible to imagine a good hosting server.

A domain name consists of a name and an “ending” such as “” or “net. hu”. The first part reflects the individuality of your company and brand. And the second part tells more standardized information, such as the type of company, from which country it is, and much more. Investing in a domain name is important for brand promotion. If it is clear, beautiful, and well-remembered, customers will find it easier for you.

It is impossible to briefly describe all the possibilities of hosting, but here are the main ones:

  • for the site
  • for email
  • for security certificate
  • for the application

Types of hosting

Most often, hosting is bought for websites. Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different types of hosting. Let’s look at the most popular types of hosting so that you can choose the one that suits you best. There are several types of web hosting:

  • Shared hosting

If you use shared hosting, the site is “hosted” along with other sites on the same server. They share resources (memory, disk space, etc.). A huge advantage of this type of hosting is its availability.

  • VDS / VPS: virtual dedicated server

A virtual dedicated server (VDS / VPS) stores your site’s files along with other sites, as in the previous case. But each site has its own space, and resources are not shared with “neighbors”. More independence, more control!

  • Dedicated server

This type of hosting provides maximum control, power, and privacy. Your site is the only one on the entire hosting server. No other sites are stored on it, which in many cases is an important factor in the choice.

TOP 5 best free web hosting 2021

The top five free hosting services include:

  1. 000webhost – friendly to new users and completely free of advertising
  2. Free Hosting – many features and a large amount of disk space
  3. GoogieHost – free cloud hosting on Linux, which will ensure the efficiency of your work
  4. AwardSpace – allows you to host up to four websites per customer
  5. Profreehost – unlimited disk space, websites hosting, domains, and bandwidth


What is a Data Room

What is a Data Room

In this post, we will consider what is a Data Room and the purpose of using this tool.

Why businesses choose Data Room

Lawyers who deal with M&A transactions (of course, not only them) quickly get used to the large volume of documents that need to be reviewed. Gigabytes of data are subjected to a systematic scrupulous analysis, formulations, numbers, deadlines, and obligations are carefully verified. Not so long ago, the conclusion of the deal was preceded by a “cult trip” of the buyer’s lawyers to the seller’s office to get acquainted with all the documents necessary in the due diligence process in a separate room. Technologies have made it possible to speed up the work due to the exchange of electronic versions of documents. This can be done by sending the requested files via email or using cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The problem with both options is security. Maybe someone didn’t know, but it’s unsafe to share important documents simply by mail or by throwing a link to Dropbox. Thus, a useful technology that solves these problems was implemented. We are talking about virtual data rooms.

The Virtual Data Room (VDR) provides secure data exchange and storage in a private corporate cloud, or within the perimeter of the organization.

The use of the data room in operations, fundraising, and overall company strategy serve as a tool for transparency and consistency.

Requirements to creating a Data Room

The main function of the VDR is to provide access to secure documents for authorized users through a dedicated website. So, there are the following requirements when setting up this software:

  • The data room must be stored in a secure folder or file-sharing You can usually use Dropbox or Google Drive, both of which are free and have great tools.
  • The data room should be organized into categories (eg legal, intellectual property, marketing, etc.) to simplify the search for documents.
  • Sharing a data room doesn’t have to be that easy. You share the information that underpins your business – everything you have built will be displayed in these documents. Reread the last sentence.

There are many ways to keep your information secure with Data Room:

  • Use secure links that only certain emails have access to (this will ensure access only to people you have personally interacted with);
  • Set expiration dates for links (5 days to a week should be more than enough, but 5 minutes or hours is clearly not enough);
  • Prevent file uploads;
  • Never grant access permanently (just don’t let someone sneak into your data room whenever they want to).