TOP 5 best free web hosting 2021

Today there are various hosting options, including free, paid (shared), or virtual hosting. We will try to help you decide on the choice and offer the best hosting options like Profreehost for your site.

Why do you need hosting?

Web hosting is a service of hosting a site on a server so that users can see it on the Internet. Hosting providers store site files on powerful computers called web servers. When users type in a site address, the World Wide Web connects them to a hosting server with all the files on your site and sends the information to their computers so that they can view the site’s pages. So, web hosting is more than just storing site files. It is also important to ensure a fast and uninterrupted Internet connection. Security, speed, stable operation, reliability – the characteristics without which it is impossible to imagine a good hosting server.

A domain name consists of a name and an “ending” such as “” or “net. hu”. The first part reflects the individuality of your company and brand. And the second part tells more standardized information, such as the type of company, from which country it is, and much more. Investing in a domain name is important for brand promotion. If it is clear, beautiful, and well-remembered, customers will find it easier for you.

It is impossible to briefly describe all the possibilities of hosting, but here are the main ones:

  • for the site
  • for email
  • for security certificate
  • for the application

Types of hosting

Most often, hosting is bought for websites. Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different types of hosting. Let’s look at the most popular types of hosting so that you can choose the one that suits you best. There are several types of web hosting:

  • Shared hosting

If you use shared hosting, the site is “hosted” along with other sites on the same server. They share resources (memory, disk space, etc.). A huge advantage of this type of hosting is its availability.

  • VDS / VPS: virtual dedicated server

A virtual dedicated server (VDS / VPS) stores your site’s files along with other sites, as in the previous case. But each site has its own space, and resources are not shared with “neighbors”. More independence, more control!

  • Dedicated server

This type of hosting provides maximum control, power, and privacy. Your site is the only one on the entire hosting server. No other sites are stored on it, which in many cases is an important factor in the choice.

TOP 5 best free web hosting 2021

The top five free hosting services include:

  1. 000webhost – friendly to new users and completely free of advertising
  2. Free Hosting – many features and a large amount of disk space
  3. GoogieHost – free cloud hosting on Linux, which will ensure the efficiency of your work
  4. AwardSpace – allows you to host up to four websites per customer
  5. Profreehost – unlimited disk space, websites hosting, domains, and bandwidth