Remote desktop software

What’s the best remote desktop software for business

This review lists the best free programs for remote access and control of your computer over the Internet and explores the functionality of Chrome Remote Desktop Teamviewer.

Remote desktop software: why do we need it?

What may such programs be needed for? In most cases, they are used for remote desktop access and actions for computer maintenance by system administrators and for service purposes. However, from the point of view of the average user, remote control of the computer via the Internet or local network can also be useful: for example, instead of installing a virtual machine with Windows on a Linux or Mac laptop, you can connect to an existing PC with this OS.

As a rule, programs for remote access to a computer are in demand among two types of users. The first one wants to have remote access to control his home PC while traveling. The second are those who are members of the community, team and want to have a simple system for remote use.

With remote PC software, you can use your home computer as if you were in front of it, whether you are at the mall, the beach, or anywhere else. In fact, some remote access apps are also cross-platform, so you can control your PC using just your smartphone.

The protocol sent to the working table, which is also called simply RDP, is a chain protocol, distributed by Microsoft corporation as a simple way to restore access to your or someone else’s PC on the Internet.

Top 10 the best remote desktop software

There are many applications and programs available to remotely access your PC’s desktop. Below we take a look at Top 10 the best programs:

  1. Team Viewer
  2. Remote PC
  3. LogMeIn Pro
  4. Zoho Assist
  5. Chrome Remote Desktop
  6. Connectwise Control
  7. Splashtop
  8. Remote Utilities
  9. Screen Sharing
  10. AnyDesk

TeamViewer –a universal tool for remote user support

TeamViewer is probably the most famous program for remote desktop Windows and other operating systems. This tool is easy to use, very functional, works great over the Internet, and is considered free for private use. In addition, it can work without installation on a computer, which is useful if you only need a one-time connection.

Features available for TeamViewer remote computer management session include the following:

  • Start a VPN connection to a remote computer
  • Remote printing
  • Create screenshots and save remote desktop
  • File sharing or just file transfer
  • Voice and text chat, correspondence, switching parties
  • TeamViewer also supports Wake-on-LAN, reboot, and automatic reconnection in safe mode.

An amazingly fine-tuned and simple remote desktop technology that resists strict firewall rules and the use of NAT. TeamViewer works on all popular platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac.