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What Board Portal Features Are Important to Look for?

Do you want to hold board meetings, team conferences, or business video conferences in which all invitees can take an active part? Organize board portal meetings, as well as communicate with each other in real-time.

What Are the Most Important board portal features?

During the remote period, many teams went home, while the need to work had not disappeared. To work from home, you need the right tools: multifunctional applications for document processing and communication. We figure out which board portal features are best suited for a home office.

In the modern world, team members can be not only in the office but also on the other side of the world. But even within the same office, it is not always easy to establish collaboration. Differences in approach to work, differences in priorities, tools, and time zones can become obstacles – as a result, even the best teams can find it difficult to build effective communication. In addition, important documents, meeting notes, and interesting ideas are stored on individual computers. As a result, no one is happy with wasted efforts and constantly arising misunderstandings.

Grant and revoke access rights for conference participants with the board portal features:

  • Appoint speakers.
  • Organize private chats.
  • Moderate discussions with the ability to block and unblock selected members.
  • Take full control of the situation by disconnecting participants from the conference if necessary.
  • If you want to have more control over your employees, you can turn on a feature that allows you to automatically take screenshots to make sure everyone is completing their assigned tasks.
  • A list of tools for organizing effective teamwork on projects or for daily activities.
  • Systems allow you to quickly establish communication between team members, plan activities, distribute tasks and control the result.
  • The section includes CRM, mail services, instant messengers, task management systems, time trackers. report and document generators, as well as much more.
  • Work in cross-platform mode from the cloud or locally.

Board Portal and the Importance of Its Features

A board portal is a handy tool with a beautiful interface that makes it easy to keep track of team time and your own time. A virtual board portal is great for logging data to create timesheets, estimated hours for billing, and data analysis information to identify areas where productivity needs to be improved while measuring office and staff performance.

The board meeting software is one of the most popular document collaboration tools. Users can add editors to the files they need by simply providing another user’s email address. You can get the right not only to view the document but also to edit it.

Collaboration with other users requires the following board portal features:

  1. Shared storage OneDrive for work and school, SharePoint, and SharePoint Server, are shared storage areas that allow for co-authorship.
  2. Applications that support collaborative Word and PowerPoint on all devices and versions higher than Office 2010 support collaborative. A combination of Excel mobile apps and the latest version of Excel for Microsoft 365 is supported.
  3. Suitable document. Collaborative formatting is only supported in modern file formats, including .docx (Word), .pptx (PowerPoint), and .xlsx (Excel).
  4. Editing permissions. All authors must have permission to read and modify documents.

Share your desktop, show presentations, or collaborate on documents with colleagues right during the conference! Based on your tasks, you can broadcast the entire screen, a separate application window, or a browser tab so that your interlocutors see only the information they need.